About Us



It is a Catholic institution, established and run by the Catholic Archdiocese of Patna. It is named after late Father James Creane S.J., the first Priest-in-charge of Gaya. It was Father Schmidt who had taken the initiative to construct the first school building in 1953. Till 1991, education was imparted to the students upto class VII. Feeling the genuine need of the people, the then Archbishop, Most Rev. Benedict J.Osta, was kind enough to upgrade the school to Class X. The school got affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education in the year 1994.

The school was upgraded to Senior Secondary level in 2004. The school was again added with Creane Kids Galaxy, the motherly home for kids in January 2005. Thus, we have a complete unit of education from Pre-School to +2 standard today.



  • Our vision is the formation of human person committed to God and country.
  • Our mission is to form the young as men and women of character, competence, conscience and compassion, committed to build a just society.
  • Christian formations of our community members through faith education reflected in word and action.
  • Creation of a society inspired by Gospel values of service in love, peace rooted in justice and fellowship based on equality.
  • Provision for quality education that is relevant to all and in particular to the marginalized in the Archdiocese of Patna.
  • An education that promotes intellectual excellence, religious tolerance, patriotism and uprightness of character.



Creane Memorial High School aims to form the young as men and women of character, competence, conscience and compassion committed to build a just society.

We strive for an education that promotes intellectual excellence, religious tolerance, patriotism and uprightness of character.

In our educational efforts we do recognize that the influence of the school on students growth is limited. Other influence such as family, friends, culture and the general Socio-Economic Environment in which one lives, will foster of hinder the student’s growth. Fully aware of these limitations which are beyond the control of the school, we believe that the children who enter the portals of Creane Memorial High School can be formed into people who are open to growth, intellectually competent, religiously tolerant, loving and caring for their fellow beings and deeply committed to doing justice. To this aim dedicate ourselves, our resources and our expertise.



  • No child less than four years of age (by 31st March) is admitted to Class-LKG. A corresponding scale is fixed for succeeding standards. Official documentary proof of age is to be produced for securing application forms.
  • Notice of withdrawal should be given before the fifteenth of the month, else the fees for the following months will be charged. Such notice should be given by the person responsible for the pupil himself. Those who leave in April must pay their fees for the quarter.
  • A leaving certificate will be granted unless school dues are paid. The form of application for leaving certificate can be obtained from the school office, and it has to be signed by the person responsible for the pupil.
  • The school managing committee or the Principal is the sole judge regarding the dismissal of a boy or a girl and parents (guardians) when they apply for the ward’s admission to Creane Memorial High School, are understood to accept its judgment on this matter final.



  • The school insists on punctuality, regular school attendance, cleanliness in dress, fidelity to study and work assignment.
  • Students are expected to be in school five minutes before the first bell.
  • Soon after the assembly bell the school gates will be locked and the late comers will be asked to go back at the risk of their parents/guardians.
  • Students are to come to school in clean, neat and full uniform of the same pattern and colour.
  • All leave must be applied for in writing to the Principal. No student shall proceed on leave without sanction and permission.
  • In order to call home a child from school during class hours, the parent of guardian must come to the school in person himself/herself.
  • No books other than text or library be brought to school without the Principal’s approval.
  • The school cannot be responsible for lost articles. Students are advised not to bring money, gold, electronic gadgets and other costly items to the school.
  • Students are not to wear ornaments in the school.
  • All are expected to attend classes on the first and last day of the semester.
  • None of the children should leave the school premises during school hours without the written permission of the Principal. Such permission will be given at the request of the parents/guardians.
  • Students are responsible to the school authorities not only for their conduct in the school but also for their general behavior outside. Any report of objectionable conduct out of the school on the part of the students marks them liable to disciplinary action.
  • As a rule not more than one day’s leave of absence will be granted to attend the wedding of a brother or sister. No festival holidays will be granted other than what is mentioned in the school calendar.
  • Repeated absence from the class or unexplained absence for more than 10 working days, disrespect towards teachers, serious misconduct or neglect of homework, sickness to be injurious to other students, justify dismissal.
  • Students driving without license are liable to face disciplinary action.



Unemployable graduates, spending before earning problems turning into crises….. Dear students, become not just pass-outs/drop-outs but ‘Designers’ – people who design their future in the first place and ‘Contributor’ to society’s design to improve quality of life in general.

I wish – teachers would become perpetual learners gathering more and more information from primary sources than lean heavily on unsubstantiated floating news. Teacher enrichment programme in the school and educational trips are designed keeping this in mind.

Parents, please become stake-holders and not mere by-standers in the schooling of your ward. Make your homes ‘Homes of learning’ than free board and lodge centres. May children learn to spend judiciously from you.

Students, I am proud of your performance both in scholastic and co-scholastic areas. Your outstanding performances have brought many laurels to school. Creane Utsav – 2018 would remain as an item to be beaten for a long time to come. Congratulations to one and all who worked for its success on and off the stage.

Change is a sign of growth and vitality. Along with students, campus too is undergoing remarkable changes making it more conductive and attractive. Caring for nature and doing away with all that is harmful for mother earth would argue well for our future.



The life is an echo. All comes back – the good and the bad, the false and the true. So give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.

First of all I congratulate all the members of the Creane Family for the excellent presentation of Creane Utsav. The hard work of teachers and students was seen in this utsav. The people eagerly would like to see such an activity and happiness not only to the teachers and students but to the people of Gaya.

It is in our teaching methodology to teach students to ask good questions. They are empowered to dig deeper research and collect their thoughts, enable them to swim through the data and not down in it. Our teachers help the students to organize systematically the data for access in the future without hassle. Our students are more global citizens than ever before. We cannot imagine teaching them through narrow frameworks or prejudiced views of the world anymore. Our teachers are empowering the students to be confident to communicate their thinking emphatically and to learn to stand up for themselves when required and known when to yield. The Create Family tells the students to distinguish between friendly and distracters; fellow travellers and soul mates in a world that is increasingly virtual.

I am happy to see the friendly attitude between teachers and students. The pleasant atmosphere of the campus adds to the strength of the teachers and students to take up the extra responsibility without any hesitation. Trusting God won’t make the mountain smaller but it will make climbing easier. Hope you will be able to climb all your mountains always. Walk with God. He is the one who will keep you on track.

I am extremely happy to see the extension of two branches of a mother tree (Creane Memorial High School, Gaya) that are Creane School, Sherghati and Creane Hr. Sec. School, Jehanbad. It is like two hands of a body stretched to right and left. The people of those places are privileged to have such institutions. The dreams of many people are fulfilled and successfully progressing day by day with hard work of Fr. James, teachers and students.

We are grateful to Almighty for His blessings upon us. Let us work together to fulfill the plan of God for the people of Gaya. God may bless you.