“Reach and teach the millions.” Fr. James Creane S.J.

A page from Annals.

The saga of our school starts right from the year1937 when Fr. Lyons started to have contacts in Gaya and established a mission in the district. In 1940, Fr. James Creane was appointed as the first Priest in-charge of Gaya. Father had an intention to open a school and boys’ hostel. He started the school in the year 1942, in a plot near Katari Hill Road. In 1943, Loreto sisters came to Gaya to establish Saint Mikhail School (Nazareth Academy) and one of them took over the responsibilities of our school as principal. After rendering their services to the school for about a year, they left Gaya and thereafter Sisters of Charity of Nazareth were requested to take over the charge of the school. Sr. N. Bernadit became the principal in the year 1944. Meantime in 1948, Fr. Creane died and after his sad demise the school was named after him in his memory. The school was under the tutelage of the Sisters till1990. In 1991, the baton was handed over to Fr. Jose Muthuplackal of Patna Archdiocese. At that time education was imparted to students up to Class V11. Feeling the genuine need of the people, the then Archbishop Most Rev. Benedict J. Osta S.J was kind enough to upgrade the school to Class X. The school got affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education in the year 1994. The school was further upgraded to Senior Secondary level in 2004. Creane Kids Galaxy, a motherly home for kids was added to the school in 2005. The school is owned and administered by Gaya Parish society under the aegis of the Catholic Archdiocese of Patna and enjoys Minority status.











Creane Memorial Senior secondary school is a Catholic Minority Institution owned and managed by the Catholic Archdiocese of Patna.Hence the policy making and the decision taking solely depend upon the Archdiocese.

The Governing body consists of the Most.Rev. William D'Souza S J, the head of the Archdiocese, his consulters and the Principal of the school.


Co-Scholastic corner

Our academic schedule has a good sprinkling of co-curricular activities. We have intra-class, inter-class, inter-house and open house competitions in almost all the disciplines. Besides, we have celebrations on the occasion of national and major religious festivals. Students are grouped into different academies based on their aptitude. Friday, academy day is eagerly awaited. Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence comes alive in the campus. Drop in to watch the rhyme and rhythm.

Creane Mosaic

Creane Campus is a fine blend of ignited minds, diverse cultures, splash of colours and aligned structures. Aesthetically designed Prayer house, alluring grotto, sprawling play fields, well laid gardens, spacious classrooms, Shady trees, mowed lawns, awe-inspiring labs, state-of the art conference hall, palatial lounge, air-conditioned theatre, treasure-trove of library books, gym, art room, music room, infirmary, make our school an excellent centre for learning.